Doon Grade Ranch

horse boarding ranch magalia caDoon Grade Ranch is located above Magalia with a breathtaking view of the Sacramento Valley. We have National Forest and other timber lands on three sides with hundreds of miles of fantastic riding trails for your enjoyment. We offer horse boarding with a wide range of amenities. Easy access from Paradise and Chico CA

Not only is Doon Grade Ranch above the summer heat and winter fog, but we have beautiful views and fantastic riding.

Breeders of the Norwegian Fjord Horse.

Breeders of the Norwegian Fjord Horse. The Norwegian Fjord Horse is known for its wonderful, gentle, calm and friendly character. Fjord Horses are easy to train due to their intelligence and willing nature.

Fjord Horses make great pets and companions because people can feel safe and secure with them. Some of the many uses of Fjord Horses include riding, driving, draft and packing. The Fjord Horse is an all around great horse with it hardiness and power yet gentle and calm temperament.

When visiting the ranch please call ahead.

Contact Information:

Dalia Mathan, D.V.M.,

Sue Thompson , D.V.M. Staff Veterinarian

16101 Doon Grade Road
Magalia, CA 95954
Ranch Line: (530) 873-8132, Fax (530) 876-8853
Office (530) 877-3000 

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